Engaging Local Artists in Brick Engraving Projects

Engaging Local Artists in Brick Engraving Projects

Engraved brick pavers honor loved ones, commemorate special occasions, mark milestones and recognize civic clubs, social groups, youth athletic teams, businesses and not-for-profit organizations. They also make an attractive addition to outdoor walkways and indoor walls.

Custom engraved brick fundraising is a unique, high-visibility alternative to traditional fundraising methods. Here are a few ways your organization can engage local artists in brick engraving projects.

1. Organize a Paint-and-Sip Fundraiser

A paint-and-sip fundraiser is a fun and relaxed way to encourage supporters to flex their creative muscles while supporting a worthwhile cause. You can host your event at a bar or restaurant, a private function room, or even your own home. The key is to find a venue that is large enough to accommodate multiple easels and provides plenty of wiggle room for people to move around the painting stations. Organizing the night’s schedule in detail is also crucial so that there are enough breaks and instruction times to keep everyone entertained.

Once the venue is set, decide whether you will provide all the supplies for the event or if your guests will be responsible for bringing their own. Typically, you will want to choose acrylic paints and canvasses that correlate with the theme of the painting to give participants the most authentic experience. You will also want to make sure you have enough fine point, medium and large flat brushes per artist. You will also need to stock up on supplies for drinks and snacks. These can be included in the ticket price or sold separately to help boost your fundraising efforts.

Depending on your organization’s goals, you may want to allow art submissions and hold a live or silent auction for the best work at the event. You can also ask for donations and pledges of bricks that will be used to create the final project.

Engraved bricks are an excellent choice for a wide range of projects, from memorials to beautification initiatives. For example, Lake Junaluska’s Brick Walk features engraved bricks that line The Colonnade, many of which bear names in memory or honor of loved ones, and others offer gratitude, express prayers or mark milestones.

Personalized bricks are an effective alternative to other traditional fundraiser methods, like raffles and direct solicitation. By combining them with a community-building initiative, you can create a permanent tribute that will benefit both your supporters and the local environment for years to come. The resulting structure will become a focal point of your town or city and serve as an important reminder of the power of collective efforts.

2. Accept Art Submissions

Brick engraving is an easy, straightforward process that creates long-lasting memorial pieces and ornamental paths and walkways. It also makes a great fundraiser, offering donors a way to contribute to community projects and leave a personal mark at the same time. Using the right equipment and following a few simple best practices are key to ensuring that your engraved brick projects look their absolute best.

Engraving bricks and pavers allows for the ability to include high-definition images, clip art, logos, and custom artwork, which can give donors a lot of flexibility when choosing their inscriptions. With laser engraving, it’s possible to produce these designs with razor-sharp edges, a quality that wouldn’t be possible with traditional chiseling techniques. Polar Engraving, a leading engraving company, specializes in providing high-quality laser-engraved bricks and pavers for various projects.

Laser-engraved bricks can also be painted, which allows for the use of a variety of colors and a wide range of fonts. This can elevate the aesthetic of a project, making it more appealing to visitors and creating an ambiance that’s both welcoming and unique. Unlike other methods like chemical etching, laser-engraved bricks don’t degrade the integrity of the material. Engraved bricks and pavers are low-maintenance as well. When washed, the bricks and pavers will look as good as new, even after years of exposure to the elements.

Inscribing a loved one’s name or message on a brick can be an incredibly moving and meaningful experience. It’s a chance to honor the memory of a special individual and to commemorate important life events, such as the birth of a child or the passing of a friend or relative. It’s no wonder that engraved brick fundraisers are so popular; they’re an ideal way to support charitable and nonprofit organizations.

3. Hold a Live or Silent Auction

Many nonprofits use auction fundraisers to reach their fundraising goals and engage attendees. An auction can be an independent event with online and mobile bidding or part of a larger fundraising campaign like a dinner or event. Regardless of the type of auction, an organization should promote the campaign to its supporters in advance to increase attendance and raise more funds.

The most effective promotional tools for silent and live auctions are social media, email blasts, and word-of-mouth. Encourage your volunteers and board members to spread the word about your fundraiser, and ask local businesses if they can help. When seeking auction items, remember that experience gifts are just as appealing as physical products. Ask local restaurants, spas, and gyms to donate gift certificates or experiences for your auction. Some examples include dining at a restaurant or meeting a celebrity.

When planning a live or silent auction, keep in mind that people’s attention spans only last about 45 minutes. If the auction runs too long, guests become bored and may stop bidding. A live auction works best for high-ticket items like vacations, luxury goods and services, and unique or one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Depending on the size of your audience, you can choose to make auction participation anonymous or register participants. The latter option allows you to collect valuable contact information for future outreach and follow-up. Moreover, registration makes it easier for attendees to participate in an online or mobile bidding auction.

Once the auction is over, reach out to attendees and thank them for their attendance. This will strengthen your relationship with donors and let them know that their support of your organization is valued.

Engraved bricks are a beautiful way for local community members to commemorate someone or something special in their lives. Lake Junaluska’s Brick Walk, for example, bears names of people who loved the lake and gave back to it. Other engraved bricks are tributes to loved ones, offer prayers or mark milestones. Organizing an engraved brick fundraiser is easy and provides a lasting legacy for your supporters, donors, and the community.